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Steps to use Automatic Directory Submission Tool of Seo Panel

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Posted: 17 Mar, 2011
by: Varghese G.
Updated: 06 Apr, 2013
by: Drake R.
Steps to submit your site to internet directories using automatic directory submission tool of seo panel.

a) Login to Seo Panel

b) Go to Seo Tools => Directory Submission => Automatic Submission

c) Select a website to which you want to submit to directories(also you can select different types of  filters depending on your requirements)

d) Click on "Show Details" button

e) Fill  in all required details in this page


Note: Seo Panel submits random titles and description to directories. For the best effect, you should add 5 titles and descriptions. 

f) Click on button "Proceed"

g) Then select the required category, if selected category is not the right one to which  you want to submit. Also fill  inthe required fields to avoid errors.

i) Then click on "Submit" button to submit to directories

Click on "Skip" to skip the directory

Click on "Reload" the directory if captcha is not clear.


Check your mail to receive confirmation of submissions to the search engines.


Note: Some directories will not send confirmation messages to your email, while others will. Because you did not receive one, does not mean that it did not submit.

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22 Nov, 2012   |   Xacobe
I receive next error When I click "Proceed",
"No Active directories where found. Please Contact Seo Panel Team to get more directories."
Why? What can I do?

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