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Steps to use the Blog Commenter plugin.

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Posted: 10 Apr, 2013
by: Dimitrov G.
Updated: 11 Apr, 2013
by: Dimitrov G.
The Auto Blog Commenter will help you to automatically submit comments to blogs by searching a particular keyword.
This SEO tool will help you also to increase the traffic and the number of backlinks pointing to your website.

Steps to generate reports
1.Create a New Project for a website from the Project Manager menu. Type there the targeted keyword, which the tool will use to find the blogs. Select the website from the drop down menu, enter email address which will be used for the submission process (do not enter your primary email). Enter different comment versions which will be submitted on a random basis. For example something like this (Great post! I have found the information here very useful, it helped me for my research. I am looking forward to see more from you). When you finish with the comments click the Proceed button.
2.Start searching and saving blog links by running a project, you can do it by clicking on Projects manager in the left menu and then from the "Action" drop down menu choose Run Project. You can stop the search for some time and can resume it easily.
3.From the View Reports section you can manage the blog links saved under particular project. Check the status of a blog comment by choosing the option Check Status from the "Action" drop down menu.

Main features of the Blog Commenter
- Helps you to automatically submit comments to different blogs from a list of 10 comments per project.
- Cron will automatically check the status of your comments whether it is approved or not.
- It will increase the traffic to your site.
- It will increase the backlinks to your website with particular anchor text.