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Steps to use the Link Diagnosis plugin.

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Posted: 11 Apr, 2013
by: Dimitrov G.
Updated: 11 Apr, 2013
by: Dimitrov G.
The Link Diagnosis tool will help you to get a complete detailed report about all your backlinks and you can also easily track the backlinks of your competitors.

Using the reports generated by Link Diagnosis you can compare the backlinks of your site with your competitors and then you can do the needed steps to improve the search position for a particular keyword.

Currently it supports the following search engines to find all availabale backlinks:
- Google
- Alexa
- OpenSiteExplorer
- Bing
- Exalead

You can switch any time between these search engines and track all backlinks of your website.

Steps to generate reports:
1.Create a Project for a website. You can do it by clicking on Projects Manager on the left menu and then click on New Project. Type the name of the project and click the Proceed button.
2.Create new report. You have to click on Reports Manager in the left menu, then select your new project from the drop down menu on the top. Now click on the New Report button. Type name of your website, URL, Maximum links (don't change the "Maximum Links" option if you want full website report) and choose search engine to find your backlinks (you can start with and when it finish you can change it with other, untill you get complete report about all your backlinks). Click on proceed.
3.You can run the backlinks report by clicking on Reports Manager menu and then from the "Action" dropdown on your project click Run. You can stop the report generation and then resume it at any time.
4.Change the search engine for finding the backlinks. To change it you need to click on Reports Manager and then from the drop down "Action" menu click on Edit. Change the "Backlinks Search Engine" and click Proceed. After that run the backlink report again and the new links will be added to your overall result.
5.Check reports from the View Reports section. You can also print the reports from there.

Main features of Backlinks Reports:
- Total number of backlinks for a website with anchor text.
- Total number of unique anchor texts for a website.
- Backlink details - Google pagerank, Anchor text, Outbound Links, Link Type(follow, no follow) etc.
- Which pages are the most popular ones with most number of backlinks.
- Which anchor text is the most popular one in the list of backlink anchors.
- Export and print the reports for further use.