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Steps to use the Social Bookmarker plugin.

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Posted: 13 Apr, 2013
by: Dimitrov G.
Updated: 13 Apr, 2013
by: Dimitrov G.
Using Social Bookmarker you can easily share your links to all social networking sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.

There are about 150 social networking websites available with this SEO tool. It will help you to submit your links to these sites with in a short period of time.

Steps to submit links:
1. Create a Project for a website with all details about the link. Click on Project Manager, then click on New Project.
2. Run Project from the Project manager action list or from the tool left menu.
3. Submit to different social networking sites according to your needs. When you submit your link to one Social network site you have to click the next button and the system opens new social network in Iframe or in Popup (depends on the particular social network). If you have difficulties with some social network, just click the next button and proceed with the next network.

Main features of the Social Bookmarker:
- About 150 social networl sites are available.
- You can submit your links with in very short period of time.
- We can add new social network websites on user request.