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How to use Site auditor tool for SeoPanel.

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Posted: 15 Apr, 2013
by: Dimitrov G.
Updated: 16 Apr, 2013
by: Dimitrov G.
The Site auditor for SeoPanel is very powerful tool, which will help you to analyze your whole website or your competitor websites. This tool will create detailed SEO report about every single page of your website. When the audit is completed you will know what to do to improve your overall website performace. Another feature of the plugin is sitemap generator.

Steps to use the site auditor
Choose "Auditor Projects" from the left menu and click on "New Project". Select from the drop down menu on the top the website which you want to be audited. Type the "maximum number of pages to be checked"and also choose from the other given options on the page. Click the "Proceed button"
2. To start the audit process you need to click on "Auditor Projects". There you will see the newly added website. Now from the "Action" drop down menu on the right select "Run Project". Wait until the audit finish.
3. View the ready reports. To do this you need to click on "Auditor Reports" in the left menu. Then from the "Project" drop down menu on the top select the website. In the table below you will see complete report about all your internal pages. If you click on a particular page you will get even more detailed information about all possible parameters like; analysis of all internal links, title, description, keywords, page rank, backlinks, broken links and more. You can see also comments about every page and overall score. On the top of the page you have also the option "Report type" where you can see also report summary and duplication issues with your website. You can print all the reports by clicking on the print icon.
4. Import Project Links. You can manually import links to your exsiting projects by using the "Import Project Links" menu. Just select the website from the "Project" drop down menu and insert the links separated by comma. Click the "Proceed" button. You have to recheck the pages in order to audit the newly added links. You can do that from the "Action" drop down under the "Auditor Projects" menu.
5. Sitemap Generator. This is really easy to use option from the Site Auditor. Select the project, choose the sitemap type, choose the change frequency (used by the crawling search engine robots) , choose the priority (Automatic Priority recommended), type any links which you want to exclude from the sitemap and click "Proceed". Now you can download the ready sitemap.

Main features of the Site Auditor:
Shows detailed information about every page of the audited website. (PR, Google backlinks, Bing backlinks, Google indexed pages, Bing indexed pages, External links, Total links, Broken links, Page title, Page description, Page keywords, Overall score)
- Shows detailed information about every single link on a particular page of the website. (Link URL, Link anchor text, Link title, Follow/nofollow status
- Shows summary report about the whole website, ready to be printed within one click.
- All the information can be printed.
- Option to create sitemap.

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