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How to use Keyword Position Checker tool for SeoPanel

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Posted: 23 Apr, 2013
by: Dimitrov G.
Updated: 09 Jun, 2013
by: Dimitrov G.
The name of this SEO tool speaks for itself. But it not just checks the positions in the search engines for every keyword on every website you want, but also it saves and organizes all the data and makes it available with a click of a button. The Keyword position checker shows how well you are doing your SEO and saves your time. You dont need any other tool for SERP reporting. This web based tool organize your data and makes it available anytime from anywhere.

Steps to use the keyword position checker
1.  Lets start with the "Quick Position Checker". This option gives you the ranking position for a particular keyword without saving the data. When you click on it from the left menu, the first option is to choose the search engine for which you want to find the postion. Choose Google, Yahoo or Bing. Select the language of which is written the keyword, type the website and the keyword. The last option you have is to choose either to show all results for that keyword or just the position of your website. Click "Proceed" and you are ready.
2.  Import Keywords. To do this, select this option from the left menu. First you have to choose the website from the drop down menu on the top. When you select it, you have the option "crawl meta data". If the keywords meta tag is used on this website, it will crawl the keywords from there, so you do not need to put them manually. You can also add them or correct them by yourself.  The keyword should be separated by comma. The other options are to select language (select only if it is different than English) and to choose search engines (better select them all), avoid selection of country and better use the Local Search Engine Pack for which I will write in other post. When you are ready click "Proceed". Now you successfully imported keywords into the system.
3. Keywords Manager. Once you import keywords into the system you can view, edit and delete them from this menu. You can do that from the "Action" menu on the right. There is also option to add new keywords.
4. Generate Keyword Reports. To generate reports first you need to select Website from the drop down menu, then you select the search engine. If you do not slect search engine it will automatically generate report for Google, Yahoo and Bing. The last thing you need to do is to slect the Keyword for which you need report, again if you do not select, it will automatically create reports for all keywords. When you are ready click the "Proceed button"
5. Keyword Position Summary. With this menu option you can check your position for all keywords you have entered into the system for all major search engines sorted by dates. To get the report you need to select the website from the drop down menu and to choose the dates range on the right.  Click "Show the results" and you are ready. The report has Printable and Excell versions.
6. Graphical Position Reports. It will show you simple graphic on your keyword positions during particular period of time. You need to slect the website, select the period of time for which you want the graphic then choose one keyword from the "Keyword" drop down menu. Leave the search engine option empty to see the graphic for all 3 search engines. Click on "Show Records" and the graphic will appear.
7. Detailed Position Reports.This option will show you more detailed information about the keyword rankings by dates. Again select the website, choose one keyword, select the date range and choose only one search engine for which you want detailed report. Click "Show records" and below you will see how it was looking the serp result for that keyword by dates. On the right side of the screen you can see the rank positions.
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