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Steps to use the Newletter plugin.

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Posted: 21 Jun, 2013
by: Dimitrov G.
Updated: 14 Jul, 2014
by: Drake R.
The Newsletter plugin will help you to organize your e-mail lists and send mails to groups of people.

Steps to generate Newsletters.
Campaign Manager. Using the campaign manager, your first action will be to  create a new campaign. Click on "Campaign Manager" from the left menu and then select the "New Campaign". Select the website that you will be using from the drop down menu for which you want the campaign. Choose a name for the campaign, choose the name/email address from which you want the emails to be sent.

 Choose "From Email:" and "Reply to Email:" For example if your website is you can create the email Type the email onto the correct field.  You can use also SMTP mail server. If you wish to use it, tick "Enable SMTP." Usually the SMTP server is For the example given here it will be "SMTP username:" will be and "SMTP password:" the password you set up for this email. When you are ready click "Proceed"
2. Email List manager. You have to create email list in order to sent Newsletter. To do this select "Email List Manager" from the left menu and click on the "New Email List" button. You just need to write the name of the email list and then click "Proceed". Lets say it will be named "mails1".
3. Import Emails. We have created the email list, but now we need to add email addresses to it. To do this, select "Import Emails" from the main menu and choose the email list from the drop down menu on the top. In our example we named it "mails1". We have two options to add new email addresses. The first option is to add them manually in the "Email addresses:" box one per line and separated by comma. You can add there just emails or emails and the names of the email owners. Simple example is given there. The second option is to import the emails from CSV file. When you are ready click "Proceed".
4. Email Manager. If you click on this menu, you will see all the emails you have added during the step "Import Emails". The Email Manager gives you several options. You can edit emails, delete emails, inactivate and activate emails from the "Action" drop down menu on the right. You can also Subscribe and Unsubscribe emails from the buttons below the emails. There is also option for import more emails. On the top of the screen of the Email Manager you have several filter options. You can choose "Email list:" from the drop down menu, also "Source:", "Subscribed:" (Yes or No), "Status:" (Active or Inactive). You search also for particular email or name.

To be continued...

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