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How to Update the Seo Panel directory package

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Posted: 01 Dec, 2010
by: Varghese G.
Updated: 01 Dec, 2010
by: Kaspers K.

Steps to Update the Seo Panel directory package

Most linux servers with MYSQL have phpmyadmin installed.
That is what this tutorial is based on. if you have a server of our own, and do not have it, please install it, it's free.
You can download it from:

Note: Before upgrade please take the backup of your current seo panel database.

1) log-in in your phpmyadmin panel and be sure too log out of your Seo panel.

2) select on the left side the seopanel database, or in the tabs select the databases tab. (you made it prior to the installation of the seo panel)

3) select the directory table.

4) select the import tab. you will now get a new screen showing a search box to upload the directory package.

5) press start and wait for the upload to finish.

Note: Log in in your Seo panel and start submitting!
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